Navigating Your Wellness Side-Kick: Daily Sections

Need help finding a rhythm with your journal?! Below is an example of how you can get into a routine with your daily sections.

A flow that has worked for us is the following:

Where to start:

Write in your “AM and PM routines” for the next day (be sure to include time to write in your journal!) Set an “Intention/Priority” for the next day. Create your “To-Do List” for the next day. Make sure that any important dates/events are scheduled in advance in the Agenda section found both at the front of the journal and the portion beside the “To-Do list” on your daily pages.

As part of your “AM routine”:

Wake-Up! While you relax in bed prior to reaching for your phone complete 3 things you’re grateful for. Colour in how many hours of sleep you got. Reflect on your day’s “Priority” & your “To-Do list” for the day. Reference back to “My Health Plan” (completed weekly) to see what you envisioned your self-care, movement & nourishment to be that day.

Throughout the day:

Log what you nourished your body with. Write in something/someone/a quote that inspired you in the moment. Track important dates, cross-off your to-do list and write in what your body is telling you (signs/symptoms/emotions).

As part of your “PM Routine”:

As you wind down and inentionally distance yourself from your phone, get cozy in bed. Grab your Wellness Side-Kick and reflect on your day. Finish filling in “My Body is Telling Me” and track how your hormones in the “My Flow” section. The “My Flow”section is designed to connect to your hormone fluctuations. Whether you’re on birth control, experiencing regular cycles, in menopause or post-menopausal. Track your discharge, track the phase of your cycle, track any fertility/contraception methods used, hormonal symptoms experienced and ♡ making. Finish logging your nourishment, track what you did for movement and self-care. Rate your energy level for that day, how many servings of veggies you ate and cups of water you consumed. Write in your supplements and money spent/earned.

Once you have finished journalling and reflecting on that day it’s time to create the following day’s “To-Do List,” “AM and PM routines” and “Intention/Priority” for the day.


Be sure to make connections between what you planned and chose as nourishment for the day and how your body is responding. Our body is GREAT at communicating with us if we take the time to listen.

Keep following for more tips & tricks,

♡ Em & Jax

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