#TakeOverTuesday CHARA MARIE

Tuesday March 12, 2019 we have Health Coach, Nutritionist, Trainer and Vancouver’s Almost 30 Ambassador leader Chara Marie doing our weekly #TakeOverTuesday over on Instagram. Check it out here: @projectinsideout 

Meet Chara

Exercise junkie and clean eating enthusiast, nutritionist, trainer, and health coach Chara Marie has made it her mission to educate, support, and empower women in reaching their health and wellness goals through creating balanced and attainable lifestyles. 

Through one on one consulting and training to boot camp classes and events, more and more women are seeing results and achieving their goals thanks to Chara’s motivating, fun, and inspiring coaching style.

Chara’s infectious passion for supporting and bringing women together caught the eye of the Almost 30 Podcast landing her the role as head of the Almost 30 Ambassador Program. 

A program that empowers natural leaders in over 47 major cities (and growing) in organizing and hosting events and meet ups where like minded women connect and inspire each other in the areas of health, wellness, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. 

Needless to say, being a health coach isn’t a job for Chara. It’s truly a lifestyle she eats, sleeps and breathes.

You can find Chara’s website here: www.charamarie.com


Interview Questions:

1. What does self-care mean to you and why do you feel it is important?

Self care is so much more then washing your face, eating clean, and exercising. It’s the drive behind why we incorporate all those things and doing it out of love for ourselves, versus something we practice because we’re supposed to.

2. What are your most valuable tips in the areas of: Health, wellness, nutrition, spirituality and entrepreneurship ? 

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned around health and wellness is establishing your ‘why’. When clients first come to me with the goal of wanting to lose weight because they belief it’s something they ‘should’ do, I spend our entire first session going deeper and discovering their 

3. What are your go to self care products and/or resources

I love my Saje essential oils. I always incorporate them into my morning routine. 

After my morning exercise I always look forward to my post workout shake with my absolute favourite vegan protein by Genuine health with added greens by Organic Traditions. 

No matter how early I have to wake up, I always create room to practice my morning routine. 10 minutes of deep breathing and stretching then sipping my hot lemon water as I review my weekly affirmation and goals written in my Project Inside Out monthly journal. Best way to start the day with intentions that align with your goals.

Make sure to follow both Chara and Project InsideOut over on instagram to stay connected!


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