#TakeOverTuesday CHARA MARIE

Tuesday March 12, 2019 we have Health Coach, Nutritionist, Trainer and Vancouver’s Almost 30 Ambassador leader Chara Marie doing our weekly #TakeOverTuesday over on Instagram. Check it out here: @projectinsideout 

Meet Chara

Exercise junkie and clean eating enthusiast, nutritionist, trainer, and health coach Chara Marie has made it her mission to educate, support, and empower women in reaching their health and wellness goals through creating balanced and attainable lifestyles. 

Through one on one consulting and training to boot camp classes and events, more and more women are seeing results and achieving their goals thanks to Chara’s motivating, fun, and inspiring coaching style.

Chara’s infectious passion for supporting and bringing women together caught the eye of the Almost 30 Podcast landing her the role as head of the Almost 30 Ambassador Program. 

A program that empowers natural leaders in over 47 major cities (and growing) in organizing and hosting events and meet ups where like minded women connect and inspire each other in the areas of health, wellness, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. 

Needless to say, being a health coach isn’t a job for Chara. It’s truly a lifestyle she eats, sleeps and breathes.

You can find Chara’s website here: www.charamarie.com


Interview Questions:

1. What does self-care mean to you and why do you feel it is important?

Self care is so much more then washing your face, eating clean, and exercising. It’s the drive behind why we incorporate all those things and doing it out of love for ourselves, versus something we practice because we’re supposed to.

2. What are your most valuable tips in the areas of: Health, wellness, nutrition, spirituality and entrepreneurship ? 

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned around health and wellness is establishing your ‘why’. When clients first come to me with the goal of wanting to lose weight because they belief it’s something they ‘should’ do, I spend our entire first session going deeper and discovering their 

3. What are your go to self care products and/or resources

I love my Saje essential oils. I always incorporate them into my morning routine. 

After my morning exercise I always look forward to my post workout shake with my absolute favourite vegan protein by Genuine health with added greens by Organic Traditions. 

No matter how early I have to wake up, I always create room to practice my morning routine. 10 minutes of deep breathing and stretching then sipping my hot lemon water as I review my weekly affirmation and goals written in my Project Inside Out monthly journal. Best way to start the day with intentions that align with your goals.

Make sure to follow both Chara and Project InsideOut over on instagram to stay connected!


Get in your head

a blog by Tia Spowart from www.tiastake.com

Get in your head.

A lot of trainers tell you to get out, but I say, get in.  Instead of running from “I can’t do this” or the “I am too tired” thoughts that creep in, change the narrative.  Change the thought process and pattern.  We don’t learn anything by running away from problems.  Pretending like something isn’t there only allows it to manifest into something bigger.  “I can’t do this run” turns into “I am not good enough to come to class” which could turn into “I am not good enough”.

Flip it, part 1.

If you have come to my class, you’ve heard me say it before: change the narrative.  Change the sorry that is running rampant in your head.  Grab onto the thoughts, flip them around, and make empowering statements about your life.  Replace the negative words for statements that will strengthen you and lift you up.

Flip it, part 2.

When you are facing something that definitely feels too big to handle, break it into smaller pieces.  A great example is doing a long run out of the saddle.  That run takes a strong foundation of skill and muscle to properly complete it.  Instead of running wild out of the saddle, we start small by learning how to do jumps.  “Jumps” are when we come straight up for a series of counts (usually 8, 4, or 2) and then go back down.  We learn how to control our muscles and body in smaller increments.  When done properly, jumps are JUST as hard as long runs, if not harder,; however, they are more manageable.  If your instructor is leading a long run and you simply are not ready to do the whole thing, break it up! Stay up for 8 or 16 counts then sit back down again. Repeat until it is over, or, until you feel strong enough to run the whole segement.  Replace the “I can’t do this run” with “I can jump for 8 counts at a time”!

You can do it.  You need to want to do it.

Ultimately, you need to WANT to attack what is in front of you. You need to decide to show up and do it.  Nothing will ever change from skirting the problem or just bowing out completely.  There have been many days where I don’t think I can confront what is going on in my body; however, I WANT to see it get stronger.  I WANT my body to be strong. I WANT my body to be healthy.  That WANT is my fuel for my story.  That WANT is what inspires me to change my “I can’t” into the biggest, best “I CAN!”


Want it.

Flip it.

Change it.

Yes you can.




Hi Beauties! Tia is your #allaround wellness pixie here to motivate, nurture and inspire! Her purpose in life is to help others achieve their most vibrant lives…inside and out.  She is an Instructor at SoulCycle in Toronto, teaching an average of 9-13 classes a week.  Her class style is VIBES on VIBES and you can expect to climb lots of hills! Tia is also a Consultant with Beautycounter, helping clients with safer skincare and non-toxic beauty products.  Tia is passionate about holistic wellness as she balances three autoimmune diseases as well as Osteoporosis. Never letting these health setbacks define her, Tia has turned her health conditions into her “superpowers”. For her, health is a gift that should never be taken for granted.  If she were to use four words to describe her life they would be faith, hustle, gratitude and grit.  

Soul Cycle: https://www.soul-cycle.com/instructors/10527/tia/

Self-Care Practices for the Mind, Body and Soul

Written by Michelle Garland from @plentyfullme

 original: www.plentyfullme.com

Ask yourself, what have I done today that feels nourishing, supportive and inspiring for my wellbeing and joy?

If you can answer this question, then you are well on your way to working a conscious self-care practice into your life. Self-care comes in many different shapes and forms, but the purpose is always the same: to deepen the nourishment, support, and care you give yourself.

How to start?

Start small. Savour a cup of tea, read a good book, listen to your breath for 5 minutes each day, walk barefoot in soft grass, or soak in a hot bath. Choose something that gives you pleasure. Something that will nourish your mind, body and soul.

Here are a few of my personal favourites.



Our bodies are made for movement. Find time to move daily and to exercise whenever possible. Whether that’s a walk around the neighbourhood, a bike ride, a yoga or spin class, or simply setting a timer on your phone to remind you to get up from your chair every hour. Whatever feels good for you, make it a part of your daily routine.

Spend Time Outdoors

Time in nature is extremely restorative. Step away from your computer, leave your phone behind, and take a walk outside. Focus on the sounds you hear and colours you see. How does the fresh air feel in your lungs? How does the sun feel on your skin? Or the cold wind on your cheeks? Whatever the weather, take a moment to breath and live in the moment.

Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep is significant to our bodies’ ability to heal. While sleeping, we repair damaged tissues and organs, we metabolize hormones our body no longer needs, and our brain uses this time to organize our thoughts and experiences.

OM It Out

Meditation is a great way to tune out all life’s distractions and demands. Give this time to yourself. Find a dimly-lit, quiet space and get comfortable. Fill your lungs with as much air as possible and breathe out slowly. The goal is to calm and relax the mind. If you find your mind wandering, play a guided meditation.

Here are a few I’m currently loving:

Insight Timer
Tara Brach
Oprah and Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience


When we focus on our breathing and take full breaths, we engage our parasympathetic nervous system. This is the system that puts us in a state of rest and relaxation and allows our bodies to heal and repair.

Crayola Magic

Adult colouring books are all the rage these days. Not only is it therapeutic, but it’s also a great tool to focus when experiencing stress or anxiety. When you focus your attention on a calming activity, your mind starts to relax. This can have tremendous effects on your mood, energy, and how well you sleep.

Make Time to Be Alone

Just as a sense of community is paramount for people, so is time alone. Time alone allows you to process your thoughts and experiences, and also gives you an opportunity to reflect.

Do Something You Love

If this is something that is hard to fit into your schedule, try weekly, or as often as you can. Some ideas include, taking a warm bath with Epson salts and essential oils, writing in your journal, or buying yourself some flowers. Whatever activity you choose to do, don’t feel guilty about taking the time to do it. Remember it’s feeding your soul and increasing your joy.

Nourish From the Inside Out

Often when we have a busy schedule, we neglect our own dietary needs. Instead of fully nourishing ourselves, we rely on packaged, microwavable or takeout foods, which lack nutrients and often have an abundance of substances that are detrimental to our health. Make healthy food a priority. Chances are you’ll feel great along with increased energy and clarity.


Affirmations are a great way to re-program and focus the mind to eliminate negative patterns of behaviour. On a daily basis, commit to yourself and repeat your affirmation out loud, in front of a mirror, once or twice a day. Our words and thoughts are composed of energy and therefore contain extremely potent power to alter our reality.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Today I am healthy and strong.
  • Every day, I offer gratitude, trust, and faith for everything that happens in my life.
  • Every decision I make is the right one for me.
  • I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love.
  • Abundance flows freely through me.

Find Gratitude

Gratitude is a fullness of heart that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love. Since ancient times, philosophers and sages from every spiritual tradition have taught that cultivating gratitude is key to experiencing deeper levels of happiness, fulfillment, and well-being.

To put into practice, end your day by answering these three questions:

  • Who or what inspired me today?
  • What brought me happiness today?
  • What brought me comfort and deep peace today?

As you continue your self-care journey, remember to pause and ask yourself how your doing. Given the nature of our busy lives, it’s easy to forget. Listen to your body and tune in. You deserve to take care of yourself.


Conquering Stress and Burnout

Conquering Stress and Burnout

A blog by Danielle Lindsay from @Thyme_to_nourish


Stress is something we all deal with in our day to day life. Just like anything in life it is normal to go through cycles. Sometime you will experience periods of high stress and sometimes periods of  low stress. BUT what isn’t normal is feeling a heightened sense of stress ALL THE TIME. Experiencing high amounts of stress for long periods of time definitely isn’t a fun experience and it also creates complete upset in the body and can lead to adrenal fatigue.

Now you may or may not have heard of or know what adrenal fatigue is, so before I go on I will give you a rough overview and explain.

Adrenal fatigue is a term used to describe when the adrenals (little hat like glands that sit above your kidneys) have been overstimulated by too much stress for some time which then causes them to either over secrete or under secrete the hormones/neurotransmitters (like cortisol) that they are in charge of. The inappropriate secretion of these hormones can be seen in such symptoms as;

  • Brain fog
  • Autoimmune like conditions
  • Hair loss
  • Abdominal weight gain
  • Thyroid issues
  • Decrease in sex drive
  • Reproductive illnesses
  • Moodiness, depression and irritability
  • Unbalanced blood pressure leading to lightheadedness
  • Cravings for salt and sugar during mid afternoon and late at night
  • Insulin resistance
  • Sleep disturbances

Now cortisol is a hormone that actually gets a really bad reputation because of the high stress environment that we now live in. Cortisol used to really help us out in primal times when we would need to run away from a tiger, fight off an attacker, and make it through food shortages/starvation. It helped us do all of this by triggering a series of systems in the body to take the blood flow/nutrients away from the internal organs of the digestive, reproductive, and lymphatic systems and redirect it to the cardiovascular/respiratory systems and extremities so that we could make it through whatever it was we were facing by running faster, jumping higher, or becoming superhuman in strength. Cortisol is also in charge of our natural wake/sleep cycle and is naturally at its highest during the morning so that we feel more awake and alert.

Here is the thing, when you experience high amounts of stress for long periods of time it’s not like you go from a normal human to a burnt out zombie overnight…. No, in fact there are actually different stages/phases that you will go through before you actually achieve total burnout; 1) wired and tired, 2) stressed and tired and 3) burnout. In the first stage you will probably feel too energized which can make you jump at weird things/loud noises, cause insomnia, and lack of appetite/sex drive are often reported. The second stage will be more of waking early in the morning  (like 3/4am) and not being able to fall back asleep, feeling sluggish throughout the day and feeling the need to consume LARGE AMOUNTS of sugar/caffeine mid afternoon to keep going. And stage 3…well it’s pretty self explanatory, it is the total feeling of day after day complete and utter exhaustion and burnout!

BUT GUESS WHAT?!?! Adrenal fatigue is totally treatable no matter what stage you are at! Actually adrenal fatigue is something I have now dealt with twice in my life time and I’m only 30!!! The biggest thing to know about recovering from adrenal fatigue is that the recovery does not happen overnight, just like the adrenals did not burn themselves out overnight either. Recovering fully can sometimes take a year or two, depending how bad it was in the first place, but it is possible.

Bellow I have put together some of my favourite tips for recovering from adrenal fatigue and to also just use during times of high stress so you don’t burn yourself out….because let’s face it stress is apart of all our lives!

  1. Sleep is necessary. So often these days you hear everyone and anyone talking about how little they slept the night before or how they are not sleeping properly. Seriously! It’s even bragged about and almost worn like a badge of honour in our society. But here is the thing….you literally need to sleep! Sleep (especially good quality sleep) is so important to both the body and mind on an everyday basis BUT it becomes even more important when you are going through periods of high stress or are experiencing burnout/adrenal fatigue because lack of sleep actually triggers more adrenaline/cortisol to be released by the adrenals. To make sure you are getting good quality sleep try keeping yourself on a “bedtime schedule/routine” so that your body/mind get the memo to start winding down. Try implementing; no screens 1 hour before bed, sleeping in complete darkness (Blackout curtains and eye masks are amazing), and not drinking alcohol within 2 hours of turning into help make sure your getting the best sleep possible. If you are still struggling or need a little more, herbal teas like camomile, lavender, lemon balm and valerian can all be very relaxing and calming to the body and nervous system.
  2. Hydration is ALWAYS key. Whether your experiencing adrenal fatigue or your adrenals are just working a little harder because your under a little more stress it is super important to make sure that you are keeping hydrated. Making sure that you are drinking at least 2.5 litres (or more depending on your weight/height/activity level) is crucial at any point but when there is a little extra stress on the adrenals  this can become even more important as these little guys actually govern the hydration levels within the body. Basically keeping yourself hydrated keeps these guys from being put under even more stress so they can just focus on what’s really important at the moment!
  3. Make friends with a BALANCED diet. The reality is that we live in a society where there is always some fancy new diet that will fix all your alignments, cure every disease, and make you look like your a fitness model….insert eye-roll here. But here is the thing, MOST of those diets are all about restricting one form of food or another, OR sometimes even entire food groups (eg low carb). While they may work short term they are not a long term answer for oh so many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that restriction of food groups often leads to nutrient deficiencies and creates unwanted stress upon the body. So if your stressed out, burnt out, or in a state where you are trying to heal your adrenals DITCH THE DIET! Instead focus on including an assortment of of whole real foods in your diet. Focus on bringing in lots of vegetables, high quality protein and fats, and then also include some good quality grains like; beans, legumes, yams, quinoa, potatoes and kamut. Try to avoid or omit processed breads, sugar, and trans-fats as these all put extra stress on the body and the adrenals. And please please do not be scared of healthy fats…they are actually your friend!
  4. Salt is your friend! For so long we have been told that salt is so terrible… and well ya too much isn’t great for you BUT too much of anything is bad for you….Like seriously you can actually eat to much kale too! But salt actually has some really amazing minerals in it that do the body, and the adrenals wonders. Just make sure you aren’t using normal table salt, as it has actually been high processed, and stripped of all minerals (except iodine). Instead opt for either a high quality sea salt or himalayan salt!
  5. Exercise properly. Alright I am definitely going to blow your mind just a little here…..exercise is stress on the body. It is mostly a good stress, and yes there is such thing as good stress and bad stress BUT GUESS WHAT…..the body/adrenals literally do not know the difference between the two. Now I am not telling you not to exercise/be active because that is just as dangerous health wise! BUT what I am telling you is to choose wisely and listen to your body when it comes to exercise.  Choosing activities that are lower impact (but still for a 30 minute duration per day) will help to get your heart rate up but also not wreak havoc on the adrenals during high stress times unlike high impact endurance activities.
  6. Reduce your stress. Okay now this one is huge!! Let’s face it you will never fully heal your burnout/adrenal fatigue if you never learn how to properly manage stress and reduce it in your life. Part of stress reduction is learning to let go of expectations of yourself/other (which can be REAL difficult). Things like lessening work loads, and learning how to ask for help are also great, especially if you are in a time of true healing. BUT stress reduction also is about becoming more mindful in your life over all. Becoming aware of your thoughts, actions, emotions and how it all impacts your body/daily life. Learning to tune into, or become more mindful in,  all of these signals not only can help to decrease your stress level over all but it can also give you a good idea about what kind of stresses you can handle and under what circumstances. Having a daily mindfulness practice can be a huge help when learning how to bring about mindfulness into your day to day life, and there are so many to choose from! Having a daily mindfulness practice (no matter which one it is ) will also put the body into a parasympathetic state when being practiced which is the state you want to be in more of the time if you are experiencing adrenal fatigue/burnout.
  7. Make room for ADAPTOGENS. Now I am sure that you have heard this word buzzed around and are wondering what the heck it means. Well to put it into the simplest terms (because it’s actually pretty complicated) adaptogens are herbs that work to balance the cortisol levels in the body. They work to lower cortisol when it’s too high and increase it when it’s too low….because yes we actually do need some cortisol pumping through our systems on a regular basis, its actually healthy! Some of my favourite adaptogens to take during times of stress and adrenal fatigue are; reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, wild oats, rhodiola,  siberian ginseng, astragalus, schisandra berry and holy basil. You can easily find any of these in tinctures, pill form or even in teas/elixirs at most local health food stores or online!
  8. Supplements. Now this one kind of ties in with the last category but also deserves a category of it’s own. If your a healthy individual you don’t really need to supplement on a daily basis because you should be receiving all your required nutrients from your diet as well as retaining them properly. BUT the thing is with high stress times and adrenal fatigue your body actually requires even more nutrients to help the adrenals out because they are working over and above.  During this time you also may not be absorbing/retaining them as well as you would normally either. Vitamins like C, B5, B6, B12 and minerals like magnesium are being used and in high demand during stressful times by the body and the adrenals. I really recommend supplementing with these on a regular basis until you are fully healed of your adrenal fatigue OR until your high stress time comes to an end. You can even find supplements that are adrenal specific, like Megafoods Adrenal Strength, that have all these vitamins, minerals and even some beneficial herbs in the right amounts in ONE CAPSULE which makes it super easy and convenient to work into your day. I actually personally take Adrenal Strength any time I am feeling stressed. I also recommend taking an omega 3 and vitamin D liquid to help fight inflammation (as stress adds even more inflammation to the body) during this time to help combat all the extra inflammation!


Danielle is a nutrition and life space coach ( CNP, and BSc Psychology) whose focus is on mental health, and balancing the thyroid and adrenals. When Danielle isn’t working with clients or facilitating workshops you can find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen, getting lost in the woods or spending time back in Alberta with her niece and family.

To learn more about what services Danielle offers or to try some of her easy nutrient dense recipes you can follow her on Instagram at @thyme_to_nourish OR visit www.thymetonourish-ca.com.


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The Tea Pot that is Life: The Importance of Self-Care

The T E A P O T that is life✨⁣

⁣There is nothing more important than making sure y o u are well supported and taken care of. This life is draining and it takes massive amounts of energy to constantly show up, give, share, learn, grow and repeat. . . We are constantly filling up our life “tea pot” with stressors… to the point where it commonly overflows before we get a chance to empty and enjoy it.

⁣We are here to advocate that you N E E D to empty this pot regularly. Think of something you L O V E doing, what L I G H T S you up? That first thought that comes to mind is a form of self-care, something that you can do to empty the “tea pot.” Do those things M O R E ! ⁣

⁣Empty that tea pot before it overflows by watering your garden of light 💡 Give yourself the space to flourish and live to the best of your ability ☀️ 🌸


(Beautiful Tea Pot Art done by @broken_isnt_bad 🤩⁣)

Here are 10 ways you can practice self-care each and every day!

1. Nourish yourself with healthy foods! Choose whole foods free of preservatives and added sugars. Think one ingredient foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, proteins, healthy fats and supportive grains. The more simple and pure the easier it is for your body to digest. Less energy will be used to process your food, you’ll be consuming more nutrients and your body will be less inflamed conserving more energy to do what you love!

2. Prioritize rest! We N E E D over 7 hours of sleep. Ideally 7-9 hours of restful sleep. I don’t care who you are… studies show that less than 1% of the population can actually function without negative effects on 6hrs or less of sleep. Odds are you are within the 99% and need 7-9 hours to avoid cellular damage. Do yourself a favour and try your best to think of sleep just like you do water and food. All of your healing is done while you sleep. Create a calming bedtime routine to help relax you and wind down from the day. We love drinking a glass of holy basil tea while we journal!

3. Hydrate. Aim for at least half of your body weight (lbs to oz) of high quality water everyday to ensure everything moves smoothly. This helps energize you and flushes out toxins that accumulate in your “tea pot” on the daily!

4. Move your body. Find a movement practice that you E N J O Y. Don’t put major pressure on yourself, just try to get that body flowing!

5. Surround yourself with genuine people. Your tribe influences your vibe. Set boundaries and get clear about who you want to invest your energy in! People can either knock your “tea pot” over and spill boiling water on your lap or they can be someone to enjoy the tea with.

6. Practice gratitude. Reflect on 3 things that you’re grateful for each day. This mindset shift allows you to recognize everything you have in the moment and worry less about what you want. This simple mental shift can change the course of your day and you’ll find yourself saying, “wow I’m lucky to be alive”.

7. Meditate. You’ve heard this one before.. try it out, we dare you! It’s magic. Breath work combined with quiet time combined with inner resolution is ferry dust to your brain. It can empty that “tea pot” instantly. Try starting your morning with 5 minutes of meditation before getting out of bed. We love guided meditations from the app Insight Timer, choose a topic and listen to the inspiration flood in.

8. Journal. All those thoughts that pop up during the day and take up space… write them down and move on. Then you can come back to them at a more supportive time! Journalling and planning help you get organized and plan your day efficiently. They allow you to recognize where you are spending the most energy and shift into a more supportive routine. We love our wellness side-kick, a wellness journal created specifically for self-care!

9. Get in tune with your bodies’ needs. Listen. Truly embody how you’re feeling and ask yourself, “what is my body telling me?” It’s smarter than you think. We just need to consciously take the time to listen and respond. By taking a breath and focusing on what you’re feeling and thinking you’ll be able to connect the dots and learn what serves you and what doesn’t.

10. Do M O R E of the things that set your soul on fire! We love this one. Make a list of things that light you up, write down a Self-Care Menu and pull from this list every day. These are things that help fuel you and effectively keep your “tea pot” from overflowing! Practice self-care D A I L Y!


We know how hard it is to find time for yourself, we can’t give you more of it but we can give you a resource to help you make the best of it! Check out our live preview of what’s inside our Wellness Journals and see what makes them S O unique!

Find space to flourish. ⁣Get your hands on one here.

Share with your friends who could use this gentle self-care reminder! 💕⁣

Written by Emma McNichol, Co-Founder of Project InsideOut. Follow along her personal IG journey here: @wavetowellness

Navigating Your Wellness Side-Kick: Daily Sections

Need help finding a rhythm with your journal?! Below is an example of how you can get into a routine with your daily sections.

A flow that has worked for us is the following:

Where to start:

Write in your “AM and PM routines” for the next day (be sure to include time to write in your journal!) Set an “Intention/Priority” for the next day. Create your “To-Do List” for the next day. Make sure that any important dates/events are scheduled in advance in the Agenda section found both at the front of the journal and the portion beside the “To-Do list” on your daily pages.

As part of your “AM routine”:

Wake-Up! While you relax in bed prior to reaching for your phone complete 3 things you’re grateful for. Colour in how many hours of sleep you got. Reflect on your day’s “Priority” & your “To-Do list” for the day. Reference back to “My Health Plan” (completed weekly) to see what you envisioned your self-care, movement & nourishment to be that day.

Throughout the day:

Log what you nourished your body with. Write in something/someone/a quote that inspired you in the moment. Track important dates, cross-off your to-do list and write in what your body is telling you (signs/symptoms/emotions).

As part of your “PM Routine”:

As you wind down and inentionally distance yourself from your phone, get cozy in bed. Grab your Wellness Side-Kick and reflect on your day. Finish filling in “My Body is Telling Me” and track how your hormones in the “My Flow” section. The “My Flow”section is designed to connect to your hormone fluctuations. Whether you’re on birth control, experiencing regular cycles, in menopause or post-menopausal. Track your discharge, track the phase of your cycle, track any fertility/contraception methods used, hormonal symptoms experienced and ♡ making. Finish logging your nourishment, track what you did for movement and self-care. Rate your energy level for that day, how many servings of veggies you ate and cups of water you consumed. Write in your supplements and money spent/earned.

Once you have finished journalling and reflecting on that day it’s time to create the following day’s “To-Do List,” “AM and PM routines” and “Intention/Priority” for the day.


Be sure to make connections between what you planned and chose as nourishment for the day and how your body is responding. Our body is GREAT at communicating with us if we take the time to listen.

Keep following for more tips & tricks,

♡ Em & Jax

What We Are All About

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.49.13 PM


Too many individuals are stuck in the rapids of life. It’s a constant juggling act between career, loved-ones, friends, self-care and daily responsibilities. A chaotic song on repeat. A fast-paced scene that overlooks the most important character: Yourself.

Who are you?

What are you?

Why are you, YOU?

Envision your dream life. A life that prioritizes everything about yourself.

We want that for you.

We want you to feel energetic, beautiful, happy & healthy more days than not.

We want your body to be a conscious vessel of life, one that’s in love with itself and remembers how to heal.

We want you to look deep within and truly ask yourself:

“What makes me happy?”

“What makes me feel good?”

“What kind of shifts need to take place to fully love myself?”

“What is my body trying to tell me?”

When our bodies are thriving through movement, nutrition and hydration and when our mind is stimulated by passion, a positive mindset and self-love our soul is aligned and our body and mind are one happy unit.

We want you to have the tools to create that for yourself.

So we are doing just that.

Imagine everything you have ever needed to envision, plan, organize & take action towards your best life! All in O N E P L A C E !

We want living your best life to be a daily priority… Second nature! We want you to create long-lasting HEALTHY HABITS!

No more short-term. We want consistent, balanced results.




Em & Jax