Introducing our wellness Journals!

Due to our tight schedules and chaotic go-go-go mentality these days, one area that always gets left behind or removed from the equation to make room for other things is… you guessed it! SELF-CARE.

That is why our first product ever to hit the market is a journal designed to help you organize & prioritize your time effectively to ensure you always get enough self-care.

By ensuring that you are happy and healthy and the best version of yourself you are able to give, create, work, dream, achieve and live in alignment with your purpose. You can’t care for others or work on your goals if your gas tank is on empty. We highly recommend you master your self-care before moving on to other areas of your life!

Our journals are designed for everyone and anyone. They can be used as a daily journal/planner, seasonal pick-me up, customizable health goal side-kick, wellness challenge companion, gift, or self-care re-inforcer.

It includes customizable dates and bullet pages which allow you to fully personalize it to meet your needs!

Wellness Side-Kick

 Living in Flow


Create time for what matters. Create time for you.

Inside each journal:

Monthly Section

-Work/Life Calendar, Vision Board, Bullet Journal Space, Budget Tracker & More.

Weekly Section

-Grocery list, Recipe Log, Workout Log, Health Plan & More.

Daily Section

-Daily planner, To-do list, AM/PM Routines, Gratitude, Body Awareness/Symptom tracker, Flow tracker,  Movement/Self-care/Inspiration tab, Nourishment Accountability, Sleep, Hydration, Supplement section & More.

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